mod march


good morning, fellow cats! the scent of vanilla and fresh earth is in the air at my house; scones are in the oven and I’ve just planted some sunflowers, tomatoes, and strawberries in little pots in my windowsill. I just returned from New York on Tuesday (really Wednesday morning, but alas) and I’ll be making a post on that when I get the pictures from my lovely photographer friend, Savannah.

This is another photoshoot from a day out in Dallas (quelle surprise!). Mum and I went to coffee at my absolute favorite coffee shop, Oak Lawn Coffee, and I picked up a copy of Edible, a rather lovely food magazine. After a very satisfying cappuccino and strawberry muffin, we paid a visit to some of Mom’s old coworkers, and then headed over to Dragon Park to take some pictures. It’s such a peaceful place, with statues and gazeboes and flowers and fountains galore. Feeling happy with the shoot, we went to the Dallas Art Museum to meander through the halls and eat lunch at the food trucks across the way (s’mores tater tots? do recommend.). Finally, we saw a new musical, The Fortress of Solitude, at the Wyley Theatre. 

I’m wearing Charming Charlie earrings, Anthropologie jacket, AEO lace peplum, Lucky watch, Buffalo Exchange skirt, Target tights, AEO flats, Urban Outfitters sunglasses, clutch made by a friend, “Mahler Grooves” Carnegie Hall pin.

love, hanorah








Hello and happy Saturday! Yesterday afternoon, I headed to the park with my mom to go back to when I was little, and didn’t worry about much besides what I was having for lunch that day. Twirling around the park at sunset and making dandelion wishes are much preferable to textbooks and calculators, so it’s nice to reminisce once and awhile. Next week, I’m headed to New York. Stay tuned for updates!

I’m wearing a vintage playsuit, AEO sweater, Hang Ten shorts, and thrifted jellies.

love, hanorah